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Dustin Turgeon & Matthew Bushman
  • thu, 09/26
  • 9:30am
  • General

Challenges and Collaborative Solutions: Integrating Recycled Polyethylene into Rotomolded Parts

Dustin Turgeon & Matthew Bushman


Incorporating recycled polyethylene into rotomolded parts has been a challenge for the industry, especially when most recycled polyethylene sources do not come from rotomolded parts. True rotomolding recycled sources are difficult to find due to the relatively small size of the industry and the long life of most rotomolding products. Plasticraft and NOVA Chemicals collaborated on a case study, incorporating EX-PCR-WR3 into a consumer rotomolded part in various colors meeting Plasticraft’s and their customer’s requirements. Plasticraft performed the rotomolding and customer testing supported by NOVA Chemicals Center for Performance Applications where the laboratory testing was conducted.

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