Marthijn Koorn & Sander Staal
Marthijn Koorn & Sander Staal
  • thu, 09/26
  • 9:15am
  • General

Artificial Intelligence in Rotomolding

Marthijn Koorn & Sander Staal


Join Marthijn Koorn and Sander Staal from Pentas Moulding as they explore the forefront of AI in the rotational molding industry. Their talk will cover the practical applications of AI technologies that are integral to moving towards an autonomous production management. They will discuss the various tools currently in use at Pentas, including the latest advancements in vision AI, and outline their roadmap for the future as they innovate towards fully autonomous factory operations. Don’t miss insights into how AI is reshaping traditional manufacturing processes at Pentas, paving the way for the next generation of industrial automation.

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