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Michael Paloian
  • tue, 09/24
  • 1:00pm
  • Half-Day Seminar

Inspiration, Creativity, and Basics: Designing Great Rotationally Molded Parts

Michael Paloian

Integrated Design Systems, Inc.

This four-hour seminar will provide you with an immersive experience in understanding the basic principles required to design rotationally molded parts. You will learn the fundamental guidelines associated with part design based on an explanation of why they are needed. The design seminar will discuss the importance of understanding material selection, part geometry, and mold design. In addition to these “basics”, you will also experience how these principles have been applied to several actual products with case studies. Mr. Paloian has designed hundreds of rotationally molded parts. His extensive experience during the past thirty years will be generously shared with all who attend. Drink lots of coffee to keep up with the fast-paced program. CAD files from numerous products will also be shared to delve deep into the details of parts, illustrating how the recommended guidelines have been successfully applied in actual applications.

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