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Dave Sullivan & Carmine D'Agostino
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How to Ensure You Are Running the Best Resin for Your Process

Dave Sullivan & Carmine D'Agostino

NOVA Chemicals

This workshop explores key material evaluation and trial planning strategies, focusing on next-generation polyethylene (PE) resins. We’ll compare the subtle differences of qualifying traditional drop-in PE resins with advanced next-generation PE materials, emphasizing how the latter opens new production opportunities, potentially leading to cost savings, improved operational flexibility, higher machine production rates, and improved part performance. The session will delve into the latest methods and best practices for assessing material properties, ensuring compatibility, and integrating these next-generation PE resins into processes previously optimized for traditional resins. Through interactive discussions and practical examples, participants will gain both practical knowledge and skills, preparing them to successfully incorporate advanced resin materials into their manufacturing operations.

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