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Roto Polymers is an innovative leader in the rotomolding industry and one of the largest rotomolding resin suppliers and color compound manufacturers in the world. Since 1997 we’ve positioned ourselves as a top supplier of high-quality natural resins and a manufacturer of first-rate color compounds used in several types of industrial and commercial applications.

NOVA Chemicals is a leading producer of plastics and chemicals that make everyday life safer, healthier and easier. Our employees develop and manufacture materials for customers worldwide who produce consumer, industrial and packaging products.

ExxonMobil provides rotomolding customers with a consistent, high quality linear low density (LLDPE), high density (HDPE), and cross-linkable high density (XLH DPE) polyethylene resins in both pellet and powder forms.

Jerico Plastic Industries has stood the test of time. As a custom compounder of color, recycled and specialty resins, the company has over 60 years of combined plastics experience. In fact, our plant managers combine for over 25 years of experience, while our general manager has more than 15 years. We have earned a strong reputation for developing custom compounds and formulations for specialty applications of our rotational and injection molding customers.

McCann Plastics provides clients engineered solutions by applying an in depth knowledge of thermoplastic compounding, materials, and end-use processing to best serve a client's specific and often unique requirements. Is your manufacturing process different? At McCann we provide innovative solutions in rotational and injection molding as well as film, sheet, and profile extrusion. What solution can we provide for you?

ENTEC Polymers is a distributor of Dow and Novacor Polyethylene resins for the Rotational Molding Industry. We also produce custom color compounds as well as some specialty compounds. We can supply product in pellet form or in powder, in bulk or in packages. We are known for our high level of service and technical expertise to support our customers’ objectives.

M. Holland is a leading international distributor of thermoplastic resin. We provide suppliers the most strategic channels to market, offer innovative sourcing and supply chain solutions to clients, and help people lead rewarding careers.

Dow is a leading innovator and collaborator on packaging technologies and solutions that address the world’s packaging needs at all points. Dow’s product portfolio of resins, films and adhesives is the broadest in the industry and can deliver a “total package” that is more sustainable, cost efficient, and meet consumer preferences around the world.

Our expertise is technical compounding incorporating in-house color & additive technology. We create Pre-Colored Powders, Dry Color, Custom, & High Performance Grades. Products: Granites, Foam Adhesion, Highest Stiffness, Flexible.

Only authorized North American distributor of ExxonMobil’s full line of rotational molding grade polyethylene resins: LLDPE, HDPE and Crosslink-able HDPE. Custom compounds for the rotational molding industry. A Ravago company.

Nexeo Plastics offers one-stop access to a global supply chain with the industry’s largest private fleet, strategically placed facilities around the globe, and service throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Stoner manufactures molding solutions for the thermoplastics, polyurethanes, composites, rotational, rubber, and investment casting industries. Stoner has a release for any molding process. If you can mold it, we can release it.

STP Rotomachinery designs and manufactures reliable, versatile and easy to use rotational molding equipment for customers all over the world. Part of the Rotomachinery Group, with over 600 production units installed and perfectly operational in more than 50 countries on all 5 continents. Distance has never been an issue: service centers in Europe and North America provide on-line help and on-site servicing virtually from any location on the planet.

LyondellBasell is a leading supplier of rotational molding products, offering the most comprehensive portfolio of resins, compounds, specialty grades, color, and processing services. Backed by decades of experience, we can meet virtually any of your processing or performance needs. From density, melt flow and impact resistance to color, ESCR, grind type and performance, we’ve got you covered.